Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, OUCH!!

I wasn't feeling so good on my Birthday, so we didn't do anything. Not a big deal, since birthdays aren't what they used to be-full of parties, etc. That night, I started to get this pain in my ears that was like no other. I have never had an ear infection, that I can recall. The next day, I called in to the Dr. and got myself an appointment. He said it looked like an infection, but since he wasn't an ENT, all he could do was refer me to one and give me a prescription for Vikatin and ear drops. I was in SOOOO much pain, I was about in tears. I went upstairs to the OB and make sure it was okay to take this pain medication being pregnant. They said it was okay--thank God!
The next day, the meds didn't work and Rob was off work. I had him call and get me into the ENT that day. My ear canals were swollen shut so the ear drops weren't going in. The Dr. had to put in wicks in each ear so they would open up and allow the medicine to get to the infection. The best description of this was that it was worse than child birth. This whole experience. It was awful.
I was really sick with the pregnancy this day and had gotten sick 4 times already. I rushed out of the room after he put one in and got sick again. Braeden and Rob heard me yelling. It was HORRIBLE. He put the other wick in. I have NEVER been in so much pain as this double ear infection. I don't wish it on anyone!
Well, 2 weeks later, I can now hear and doing much better! My birthday was postponed and have yet to figure a date out to reschedule. Happy 33rd Birthday to me! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!

As a child, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. We would all go to Church, then go to my Grandparents house and have an Easter hunt with my sister and cousin. That was So much fun! I miss those days a lot.

We missed the local egg hunt this year. I looked it up on the website as I did last year. And, it said the times. So, I called to confirm and pre-register as I did last year. The man that answered told me a totally different time and that we just need to come down. Well, when we got there, it was all over with. Bummer. I have to say I wasn't that surprised.

Here we are coloring eggs. Last year, he wanted nothing to do with it. So, I thought this year, I would try painting the eggs. He did a much better job. He got really upset when one cracked.

So, there is the finished product. The two 'marble' looking ones are the ones Braeden did. They turned out the best, I thought! (the eggs never completely dried with all the paint on it) ha ha!

So, we took Braeden to the mall to get his picture done with the Easter Bunny. He did such a great job. While Rob and I waited in line, Linda strolled him around in a cart. He hopped right up on his lap, gave him a hug, smiled and was just a great experience!
Here's the picture. He's so dang cute, if I must say so myself. :)

Easter morning, Rob woke Braeden and I up. I had fallen asleep with him, apparently. We went downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny had left him. He was so excited! Nothing like a sugar high on Easter morning!

So, off to Linda's we go. She had about 6 baskets for him, not kidding and a bunch of clothes and shoes. This kid is s-p-o-i-l-e-d!

And, we are off for the hunt. Arista and I hid the eggs we colored in Linda's yard. These were my favorite spots/colors.

Whew! What a day!

Arista hates getting her picture taken. I know this. So, I snapped my camera over and over and over at her....

This pic is for her! The funniest one! The breeze picked up and I got her smiling! ha ha

This is my 1 year Anniversary blogging! I remember Easter last year was around my first one. I have enjoyed it over the last year, I just hope I can continue doing so after the next baby comes.

The Circus is in Town!

I have not been to the circus since I was a little girl. I remember it was always such a fun time going with my mom and sister. The same circus came to town and I got us all (Linda and Arista, too) tickets and we had a good time! Seeing Braeden's face light up when he saw the animals was just priceless. He could care less for the clown acts. ha ha! Here are a few of the pics.

I think the elephants are the most gentle giants. They are amazing to watch.

Braeden and his popcorn. It became a disaster. The people infront of us got showered with it. And, a sippy cup thrown at them. And, kicked. And, spit on. Oh my...I got a few dirty looks. :(


Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm pregnant!

I knew it! Monday morning, March 29th, I started to get nautious. And, next thing I know, I am hugging the toilet. I got sick. This was Rob's first day back at work (part time). And, he happened to be just opening the front door when I was in the bathroom. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Braeden. I just get sick the one time for me to tell myself, " take a test."
The next day, Rob picked the tests up. And, this is what it did. 2 lines= Pregnant

I have been preparing myself over the last 2+ years that the next one was going to be a little devil. I mean, I can't have 2 easy kids, right?! So far, I have been nautious several times with this pregnancy. Which I never did with the other one. My first appointment is April 16th. I have lots of questions for them.
Rob and Braeden got me these flowers for carrying our newest addition to our family. Wasn't that sweet?


Spring Is In the Air!

This was our first real day 'out' playing. We got out Braeden's tricycle and he rode it for the first time! He did pretty good, just didn't grasp the concept that he had to pedal and there was no button to push to make it move. :)

He loves this momma and baby turtle. He has to bob its head every time he goes past it.

We LOVE bubbles!

Rob drew this with the sidewalk chalk. He is so good at drawing, or at least MUCH better than me!

This guy is hanging from our tree.

This sign is in our wheel barrow. I didn't have any flowers popping up in it yet, but I do now! Pretty.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is about as crazy as we got this year....Braeden had on my belt and suspenders. And, Rob's belt from a couple of years ago. Cute!

I had my friend Stephanie and her son over for our weekly 'play date'. We try and do fun stuff such as a hobby or a new project while the boys are playing. So, I am remodeling our dining room chairs. The pattern does not match my decor and has been driving me nuts! This is date #2 we have worked on it and still have 2 more steps until they are finished. But, I am really pleased with how they have turned out! Stephanie and I keep amazing ourselves with what we can do and how creative we can be! It's fun.
Here it is the before:

Working on it:

So, I decided that our stairwell going to the basement needs a make-over. We hired painters and this was the outcome. Love it!